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DVD1 Content:

Semba is a traditional dance and music from Angola. Regarding dance we can split it in two main ways, the traditional (more elegant) and the modern (more exuberant). In this DVD you can find some exercises to improve your way of walking as some tips regarding styling either to man and woman.

1- Walking Exercise 1 (couple)
2- Walking Exercise 2 (couple)
3- Walking Exercise 3 (couple)
4- Semba Routine 1
5- Semba routine 2
6- Semba routine 3
7- Semba routine 4
8- Semba routine 5
9- Semba routine 6
10-Semba routine 7
11-Semba routine 8

DVD2 Content:
Kizomba is a word from Angola, from a dialect called Kimbundo that means "PARTY". In our way of thinking it's very important to know more behind the dance. If you are able to know more about the culture your way of dancing will be completely different Kizomba is a really young rhythm, that appear on the 80's, between the fusion of two main rhythms, semba from Angola and Zouk from the French Islands.
Don't forget to use the Bruce Lee rules: 1-learn the rules; 2- master the rules ; 3- Break the rules"

1 - Lady's Flow 1
2 - Lady's Flow 2
3 - Men Flow 1
4 - Men Flow 2
5 - Leading and following Exercice
6 - Social Improvisation Exercise
7 - Kizomba Retro Routine
8 - Syncopated Advanced Step 2 angles of view

Dolby AC2 PAL 16/9 - 2 Angles of view
Duration DVD1 1h20m + DVD2 1h35m
Languages: English and French