KUPI - Kizomba Umbrella Performance Improvement > 24th to 26th May 2019 in Porto, Portugal


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24th to 26th May 2019 

KUPI - Kizomba Umbrella Performance Improvement
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Level: Intermediate/Advanced level

Venue: Porto - Portugal

Albir Rojas
ALC Dance Company
Catarina & Bruno
Paula & Ricardo
Mestre Petchu
Mistura Movement
Selwin & Suleika
Nuno & Nagyla
Paulo & Lanna
Dj Hugo Leite
Dj Tó Costa

Dance, Lectures, Networking, Leisure, Inspiration, Coaching
2 different programs (Social/Performer)
3 Days
7 World Known Instructors
16 hours of training
25 Couples Máx per Group


> Social Dancer Pass ( If you want just to improve your social dancing skills! )
Till 31st December - 360€ (couple price)
From 1st January 2019 - 420€ (couple price)

> Stage Performer Pass ( If you want to become a Stage Performer and you already have dancing level! )
Till 31st December - 420€ (couple price)
From 1st January 2019 - 480€ (couple price)


As I bring my partner, do we need to change partner during the training?
No, in this training we will not demand change of partner, mainly in the Performer Pass.

If I don’t have a partner I cannot do my registration?
Yes you can. By order of registration we will match partners that don’t have partner.

How about hotel booking?
We advise Park Hotel as a good deal and the closest hotel to the event place (Muxima/ALC Dance Studios Gaia), but you also have the Air BnB possibility.

How can I go from the airport to the event?
We have a deal with a private car company, very trustable and with a closed price for that travel.

What type of pass should I choose?
If you are an intermediate/advanced dancer and you want just to improve your social dancing skills, you should choose the Social Dancer Pass.
If you are already a Stage Performer or you want to become one and you already have dancing level, than you should choose the Stage Performer Pass

How can I prove that I made this training?
We will deliver a Certificate of Participation at the end of the training signed by all the Mentors

Venue Address:
ALC Dance Studios Gaia & Muxima Bar (Training, Dinner and Parties):
Rua Mauricio Lourenço de Oliveira, 206 Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto - Portugal